Q. What is life insurance?

A contract between an insured and insurer, where the insurer agrees to make a payment at the death of the insured to a beneficiary named by the insured or make the payment to the insured at the expiry of the contract period, whichever happens first


Q. What can the life insurance proceeds be used for?

• Pay for funeral costs

• Pay for ongoing living expenses

• Pay off outstanding debt, including credit cards and mortgage

• Continue to finance a family business

• Finance future critical needs such as children’s education

• Protect a spouse’s retirement plans


Q. Who needs life Insurance? Well ask yourself this?

If I were to die, how long would my dependants survive without my income? Maybe I don’t have dependants but still have bills that I would still pay if I become injured or ill and couldn’t work. Well in that case you need life insurance.


Q. How much life insurance do i need?

Essentially, the real amount of money that you contribute to the family is what needs to be replaced in case of your sudden demise.


Q. What type of life insurance should i buy?

Buy online, in person by visiting a life insurance company or through an agent (You can establish whether the agent is genuine by sending an SMS to number 3505 i.e. Agent # number, for example Agent#1344.)Call +2540202962000 or +2540706833649 for us to link you with an agent.


Q. Do I lose my benefits if unable to continue paying premiums?

Not necessarily but a number of factors will be considered based on the duration that your policy has been in force. Contact your nearest branch office for further advice before deciding to discontinue paying premiums. You may also call us on +2540202962000 or +2540706833649 .


Q. Is life insurance tax deductible?

Premiums paid for most life policies are tax deductible. The deduction for the insurance relief is at a 15% of premiums paid subject to a maximum KES 5,000 per month and/or KES 60,000 per annum (Income Tax Act, section 31).