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Group Last Expense

This is a cover designed to meet the abrupt funeral costs in the event of death of any of the declared family members. This cover is designed to cushion against financial shocks resulting from social obligations when a member dies. It pays to the family of a deceased member a pre-determined sum assured ranging from Kshs. 50,000.00 to Kshs. 500,000 in the event of death. Preferred minimum number of principal members is 10.

Jipange Smart

A low cost pay-as-you go funeral expenses cover for the immediate family.

Orient 4 Life

Anticipate future unexpected events with a long term saving plan with a life cover.

Orient Educator

Give your child the best possible, affordable but quality education.

Orient Endowment Plan - NEW

Saving money for the future, provide financial protection to our loved ones should the unexpected happen.

Orient Group Credit

A group term assurance policy offered to provide cover for repayment of consumer debt/loan in case of death of the borrower.

Orient Group Life

A 1 year renewable group term assurance offered on a group basis to employees of an organization.

Orient Group Mortgage

A group term assurance policy offered to provide cover to a mortgage borrower for repayment of mortgage loans in case of death or disability.

Orient Personal Retirement Plan

Retirement scheme administration made easy to enable employers focus on their core business.

Orient Smart Annuity

This policy provides a guaranteed lifetime income. A lump sum amount or part of your pension benefits can be used to purchase an annuity after retirement in exchange for regular lifetime payments. Features: Guarantee Period – Number of years an annuity payment is guaranteed to the beneficiaries of the annuitant in the event of the annuitant’s death. This prevents loss of income in the event an annuitant dies prematurely. Single or Joint Life – An annuitant may either take up an annuity alone or jointly with a spouse. In the event of death under joint life, payment will revert to the surviving spouse. Escalation – An annuity may either be escalating or non-escalating. Escalating policies will increase by either 3% or 5% annually on the policy anniversary date. This is usually to smooth out the effects of inflation. Taxation – Annuitants enjoy a tax relief of Kshs. 25,000 monthly. Annuitants above the age of 65 enjoy tax free payments.

Orient Smart Asset

Saving funds for an asset purchase shouldn’t put you in a financial hole. Accumulate funds for such large single purchases and more.

Orient Smart Educator

Give your child the much needed advantage of quality education with a plan that goes with the new curriculum system.