Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who is Kenya Orient life Assurance Limited?

Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited is a financial services provider offering life insurance and retirement planning financial solutions in Kenya.


Q. Is Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited Licensed?

Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited is dully licensed by both Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA/01/069/01) and Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA/1/15/036) to offer both life insurance and retirement planning solutions.


Q. Can I combine products?

Yes, a variety of products can be bought simultaneously, or added to existing policies.


Q. When will the policy cover commence?

The cover commences on the Commencement Date in the policy document assuming that the first due payment has been made.


Q. How do I get a quote, buy a policy or make a claim?

We have streamlined the process to make it more convenient and less time-consuming for our clients to both get a quote and buy life insurance policies at


Q. Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited is a new Company. How do I get to know my claims will be paid in years to come?

Your benefits are protected by the Kenya Orient Assurance Life Fund and The Policy Holder Compensation Fund (PHCF) set up by the regulator, ensuring your benefits are guaranteed, and that any claims under your policy shall be paid.


Q. How is my Life Insurance premium calculated?

Premiums are calculated using several factors to determine your risk profile namely:-age, gender, smoker status, health status and lifestyle considerations.


Q. What happens if I am unable to afford my premiums?

Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited will contact you and make you understand your situation before deciding on an appropriate action which may include, but not limited to, collecting the premium on an alternative date to the one nominated when the policy was originally taken, reducing cover where premiums have become unaffordable or stopping any future premiums payments for a reduced value of the policy.

Please call us on +2540202962000 or +2540706833649 0800h to 1700h weekdays should you need to explore these options with regards to your existing policies.


Q. Can I buy life insurance online?

Yes visit to get a quote, fill an application form and pay premiums.


Q. How do I make any changes to my policy?

This can be done by requesting for an endorsement on the policy online at or call +2540202962000 or +2540706833649 for assistance.

You may also contact any of our financial advisors for assistance.


Q. What is a life insurance company?

This is a licensed life insurer that has the legal responsibility for ensuring that all policy commitments to the policyholder are met on terms and conditions stipulated in the policy document and that claims are ultimately paid to the beneficiaries.


Q. What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is the person (natural or otherwise) who receives the pay out in the event of a claim pay out.


Q. Who decides on who a beneficiary should be?

The policyholders uses their discretion when deciding on the beneficiary or beneficiaries as well as pay out proportions where a policy has multiple beneficiaries.


Q. How do I change or add a beneficiary?

Amendments to your policy can be done by calling us on +2540202962000 or +2540706833649 on weekdays between 0800h and 1700h.

You may also request for an amendment online at


Q.How do I claim?

Please send an email to [email protected] or contact us on +2540202962000 or +2540706833649 between 0800h to 1700h to register a claim. You may also register a claim at

You can be rest assured that all claims will be handled in a professional manner with sympathy and respect during your loved ones’ difficult time.


Q.How do I claim?

Please send an email to [email protected] or contact us on +2540202962000 or +2540706833649 between 08h00 to 17h00 to register a claim. You may also register a claim


Q.When is a claim not payable?

Majority of rejected claims are because of non-disclosure. Non-disclosure is when you fail to tell the whole truth when applying for cover. At Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited we’re always looking for a reason to pay.